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Not surprisingly the Acropolis (upper city) comes first for most visitors to Athens. It dominates the city’s skyline, and includes the Acropolis museum and four other sacred buildings, all dating back to the fifth century BC. The renowned Parthenon, to many a symbol of modern Western civilization is the largest building here. Built entirely from marble, the structure is particularly magnificent at sunset. The Temple of Athena Niki and the Erchtheion Temple can also be found here. athens Attractions

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See the best places in Athens! Spend your morning visiting famous places such as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Royal Palace, Panathenian Stadium, The Temple of Olympian Zeus, The Acropolis, Thesseum Greek Orthodox Cathedral and much, much more!
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Delphi - Full Day Tour

A day in Delphi! Drive through Levadia and Arachova, famous for its bright multi colored carpets, onto Delphi - the ancient sanctuary of Apollo. Visit the Museum where one can see among other archaeological treasures, the unique bronze Charioteer, then proceed through the sacred way to the Athenian treasury. Visit the Temple of Apollo, the Castalia Spring and much more!
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Athens Greece
Athens Greece
Athens Greece
Athens Greece

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