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What is it about Oxford Street?

The shopping stretch of Oxford Street is located in the heart of London, between Hyde Park’s Marble Arch and Tottenham Court. It is within walking distance from famous landmarks such as Bayswater, Hyde Park, The Royal Opera House, the British Museum, Soho, the London Palladium, Grosvenor Square amongst others. Oxford Street is exactly 1.3 miles (2 kilometers) long and is conveniently served by four Tube (Metro/underground) stations:

  • Marble Arch
  • Bond Street
  • Oxford Circus
  • Tottenham Court

The double decker buses run up and down the street all day and evening. Shops abound on Oxford Street; they range from the small and simple to the extravagant and luxurious.

From Marble Arch on, some of the shops are not only renown but an international flair has settled on Oxford street, amongst them one will find side by side shops like: Evans and Wallis that sells women wear: formal and informal, elegant clothes for the independent and style conscious woman, to Superdrug that sells Health and beauty products, Claire's, offering jewelry and accessories, La Senza, great quality branded lingerie at affordable prices, Vodafone, pushing the communication world of mobile phones and accessories, Selfridges, the ultimate 21st century shopping experience with a stylish mix of products ranging from furniture, fashion and food to art, beauty and sports. The Gap, with the American style, casual clothes. The Disney Store, children's toys, gifts and all things Disney dreamed, HMV, specialist retailer of music, DVD/video, computer games etc. Debenhams, “ Britain's favourite department store”. The ever present Sunglass Hut, Fossil, leather goods for women, watches, gifts, jewelry, t-shirts, caps, and a collection of stores like Car phone Warehouse, Herbal Inn. Starbucks, House of Fraser, 'Britain's leading retailer of designer brands' John Lewis, department store, Clinton Cards, greetings cards and gifts, The Body Shop, bath and beauty products and of course, Ann Harvey, “Exclusively for women with curves”. All these were only a partial list on the North side of the street.

Oxford Street is a shopping mall before the malls were invented; it offers the advantage of old fashion, stylish city shopping with the variety one can find in mega malls adorning our suburbs. Fortunately it does not stop here and Oxford Street surpasses itself with other high quality stores like Madhouse that sells Jeans, The Officer’s Club selling menswear, NYVA that provides gifts and souvenirs, Swaroski selling Crystal and other decorative gifts, Tezenis, if you need underwear, homewear and pajamas, Benetton and a multitude of other stores that will fill all your needs. Another interesting thing on Oxford Street is the fact that if you miss one store, chances are there will be a duplicate by the same name somewhere else on the street, for instance The Gap , New Look, Next, and others are established at different locations.

Then there is the food. You can find it all on Oxford Street, the good, the bad and the ugly cohabitate in a way that would have never been conceived fourty years ago. Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonald’s, Wasabi’s, Belgian Foods, Noodle Oddle, etc. In total, there are 513 restaurants within 1 kilometer of Oxford Street!

Do you need to run between stores? Fill up on java for energy at the two or three Starbucks, go by Adiddas, Nike, Foot Locker or Sketchers and get yourself a pair of running shoes. Need a Mobile phone to stay in touch? There are probably a dozen stores selling cellular phones of all sizes and colours including Brands name stores and resellers. Came with the wrong currency? Have no fear; there are five or six “Bureaus de Change” to turn your currency into another one. Oh, I almost forgot, need a haircut or a set? See Mr. Topper and walk out with a new do regardless of your sex.

As you can see, Oxford Street is a Mecca for buyers and window shoppers alike. Once you have walked the walk and spent a few hours in this wonderful London landmark, you will leave dizzy but fulfilled, loaded with filled shopping bags and the urge to return to do it all over again. And you will plan your next trip to London, no matter how far you will have to travel. By the way, did I forget to mention that Oxford Street was one of my favorite London spots?

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