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Picture 1.jpgVäxjö has a long and colourful history, and has for a long time been the center of trade, culture and education in the southeast of Sweden. Small businesses, manors and high technology are all represented here. Växjö is also one of the media centers in Sweden where many TV and radio programmes are produced.

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Växjö is located in the Lake Kingdom where one can experience city life, as well as the tranquillity of nature. There are about 200 lakes in the municipality and many of them are perfect for fishing. Fishing permits are available at the tourist offices. Along the 120 kilometers long Värendsleden are excellent conditions for canoeists, which is perfect for day trips or longer excursions. Along the way are also many natural settings, ideal for spending the night.

Picture 7.jpgThe Xperiment-huset, in the Lokstallarna, is an exciting experience for the whole family. Since it opened it has become a huge success, and courses, theatre and opportunities to experiment and explore are offered in the Science Center.
At the internationaly known Smålands Museum - the oldest county museum in Sweden - one can focus on the great Swedish glass and the history of the glassworks. Entering the museum, one is met by an explosion of colours and design. June 1, 1996 was the opening date of the new Smålands Museum. The two permanent exhibitions are Industrious Småland and Five centuries of Swedish glass, and there are also many events arranged especially for children and youngsters. There is also a special exhibition concentrating on archaeology.

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