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Stockholm - The Old Town

The Old Town is probably the place in Stockholm that has the most visitors, night- and daytime. Here one can enjoy tranquillity, as well as entertainment and street life. All within walking distance. This quarter of the city has an eventful history, and has been known as a place of sin, a place of execution and also for grandiose royal weddings. To walk through the alleys of the Old Town is to walk down history lane!
Stockholm Attractions The Old Town on the water, with characteristic steeples and spires. Stockholm Hotels The houses from the 1600 and 1700’s are well kept.
Stockholm Hotel Towards the Old Town through the gates of the Riksdag Building on Helgeandsholmen. Stockholm Travel Guide The old steam boats below the palace slope.
Stockholm Travel Guide The Royal Palace was ready for occupation in 1754, and was partly built on the remains of the old castle Tre Kronor, which is now a museum. Stockholm Hotels This is the house where the royal family lived after Tre Kronor burnt down in 1697, up until 1754, when they moved to the new palace.

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