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Haga Park
In 1771 Gustav III bought Haga outside the north tollgate of Stockholm. Later the estate next to it, Brahelund, was bought as well, and Haga got its present size. Here the King created his own personal place of refuge, and what came to be known as Gustav III´s Pavilion at Haga. The Pavilion is a splendid example of the late Gustavian stile, and it was furnished in Pompeian style. Outside, the landscape was shaped into an (as it is known in Sweden) "English Park". Here his final assassin once hid in the thickly foliaged shrubbery, but finally he had to turn back without finishing his business, since the Haga estate was quite well guarded. He had more succes on his third try, at the opera masquerade in 1792.
The "Queen's Pavilion" was built in the early 1800´s, and has been used as a royal residence during several periods. King Carl XVI Gustaf was born here 30 april 1946. Today it is better known as the Haga Palace, and it is used by the Swedish government for prestigueous guests.
The "English Park" is characterized by winding paths, grassy plains and unspoiled nature. The property has had many different proprietors, but up until 1660 there was a robust medieval castle on the same grounds.

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