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Södertälje is a town full of variety! With a genuine old town centre, surrounded by the beautiful rolling landscape of Södermanland county. Here you will find a wide range of residential accommodation, large and small businesses with an international reputation and various types of schools, including nine independent schools.

Södertälje is a lively town with an identity of its own and a very active cultural and sporting life. Thousands of travellers pass daily through our six different railway stations, and many visitors come here to see our tourist attractions.

And Södertälje is on your doorstep! It has excellent communications via commuter-trains (35 minutes to Stockholm) and long-distance rail services. The European trunk routes E4 and E20 meet at Södertälje and our attractive waterway, the Södertälje Canal, is used by thousands of freighters, yachts and cruisers every year. In spite of its 78,000 population it still has a small-town atmosphere and its high street, the Gånggata, is a rendez-vous for young and old - where you will always meet friends and acquaintances.

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