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Malmö - A city of Parks

It is not hard to understand why Malmö is often called "a city of parks". Kungsparken, Slottsparken, Pildammsparken and Beijers Park are situated right in the middle of the city, like green oases. Take the opportunity to visit them while here. Enjoy a bit of theatre, some music or - in the summer - The Malmö Festival.

Water channels run through the parks where you can take boats for a tour around the city. You can even rent a pedal boat and enjoy Malmö at your own pace. Another popular sightseeing boat in the summertime is "Flotten" (the raft), which also offers musical entertainment.

The oldest of the parks in Malmö is Kungsparken. In the middle of the 19th century the castle had lost its importance in defences, and the open land right on the border of the old city could be opened up to the public.
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Slottsparken is an oasis for the people in Malmö. The green open spaces, the pond, the leafy paths and walks and a multitude of works of art along the waterside makes for a truly idyllic place. But not long ago the grounds where only used as a military training area.
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In the early 20th century, in 1914, the area around the Pildamm ponds was chosen as the place for the large Baltic Exhibit. The famous architect Ferdinand Boberg was the one who got to design the area with some help from Crown Princess Margareta.
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Beijers Park
Beijers Park was originally meant to counter Kungsparken, both in a social and geographical way. This park -belong to the working class - is still a popular destination for parties, games and picnics. The large old trees provide a comfortable shade on hot days, and springtime brings an abundance of flowers.
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