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Picture 1.jpgThe city of Lund was founded in 1020, thus it is one of Swedens oldest. Parts of the medieval city plan is still preserved. Lund has been the archiepiscopal see since 1103, and a cultural centre for the Scandinavian countries. For the average person Lund is also wellknown as a lively city of knowledge, and the University of Lund was founded in 1666.

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About 25 000 students study here, including famous swedish people as Esaias Tegnér, Fritiof Nilsson Piraten and Sten Broman. Lund is also a city often written about, by among others August Strindberg.

If you are interested in architecture you will definitely find a lot to see here!
Picture 3.jpgLunds Cathedral was inaugurated in 1145, and is the most distinguished cathedral in Scandinavia. The two towers can be seen from any place in the city, and they are locally known as Lundapågarna - the Lund lads. There is also an astronomical clock that was built in 1380, that was widely famous as horolgium mirabile Lundense, or the wonderful clock of Lund.

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