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Linköping has excellent communications by road, rail and air, even by canal! Not only is it a simple matter to get here: it is also easy to travel around and explore the area. Linköping cathedral dates back to the Middle Ages and is one of the finest in northern Europe.

Not far from Linköping are the impressive manors of Ekenäs and Bjärka Säby, with guided tours in the summer. Linköping has kept much of its traditional city centre with varied architecture, market squares with outdoor restaurants and cafés, small intimate restaurants and fascinating shops.

In the open-air museum Old Linköping one can experience what a Swedish provincial town looked like during the beginning of the 20th century. The streets, lighting, fences, signs, trees, flowers, and not least, the buildings, tell the story of people´s everyday environment at that time. In the area there are several museums and shops with Swedish handicraft. In the grocery shop one can buy a traditional coneshaped paper bag full of sweets.

Old Linköping is a living museum! In summertime and on special events the visitors are met by hosts and hostesses in period costume, often demonstrate occupations, such as washing laundry and ropeworking in the ropeworks. Their is a lot of exciting things for the children such as old-time playing tools and a science centre with exhibitions.

Old Linköping comprises about ninety buildings which have all been moved out from the very heart of Linköping. Most of them date from the 18th and 19th centuries. Old Linköping was founded in 1946 by the town councillor, Lennart Sjöberg. At the beginning of the 1940s Linköping was a provincial city with wooden buildings. At the end of the Second World War Saab expanded and belief grew in a future for Linköping. New residential housing and shopping centres were put up. The idea of creating an open-air museum developed. The first building to be moved to Old Linköping was in 1951.

Every building in Old Linköping has a story to tell! It may be about the craftsmen who through their own skill built the place; it might also be about the people who lived here. So Old Linköping is the story of generations of Linköping peolple.

Within about ten minutes walking distance from Old Linköping one find Valla Leisure Park; a large recreation area. Already by the 1940s couple of peasant buildings had been moved to Valla. Today one can visit several museums and one of Swedens biggest pony stables and riding school with about sixty horses. In the neighbourhood there is a public barbecue, enclosed pastures with sheep, goats and other animals and a large playground with a lot of exciting playing tools for the children.

Old Linköping and Valla Leisure Park is an adventure for the entire family!


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