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The fishing village Borstahusen is just north of the city. The environment is very nicely conserved from the 18th century and one can still see the narrow inlets between the houses as in the old days.

Picture 3.jpgIn Borstahusen there are also excellent opportunities to go for a swim and for sunbathers there are both grass and sand to stretch out on. The shade of the pine trees is a nice change when the sun gets to hot. The hungry ones will find well prepared outdoor grills and the area has some very pleasant paths for rambles.

Picture 5.jpgNextdoor neighbour to the beach is the golf club, very popular all year round. Situated in Borstahusen is also the Erikstorp demesne of the Crown that has a history going all the way back to the 15th century. The main buildings of today only dates back to the 18th and 19th century though. It was King Hans who donated this estate to the city of Landskrona in 1505.

Picture 6.jpgThe most popular attraction in Landskrona is probably the Citadel. It is one of the most well preserved water fortresses in Scandinavia. It was built by King Christian III as early as the 1540s. Over the years it has housed both Swedish and Danish servicemen, but also worked as prison and refugee camp.

Picture 7.jpgSummertime guided tours are available and there are several annual events taking place, as for example a medieval market, christmas market and medieval evenings. On the banks of the fortress are the allotmements, Swedens oldest. It is a wonderful place to stroll around here, and there are probably not many places like this anywhere else.

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