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Jönköping, the gem of lake Vättern

In Jönköping one can experience the deep forests of Småland, lovely city parks and the three lakes Vättern, Rocksjön and Munksjön, all in one day.

Jönköping is seven hundred years old, and for a long time it was right on the border to Denmark. It was a natural thoroughfare when traveling north, and traces after dwelling places from the stone age has been found here.

Surely there are more to be found here from further back in history, but most of it is buried below the water surface of Vättern, since the waterlevel has risen, and still is rising, some 15 centimeters per hundred years. This means that Jönköping is disappearing more and more, but it is hardly noticable. Today it is only noticed when Vättern overflows.

Jönköping used to be "the most important roadmeeting in Sweden", and was above all easily controlled, which made it an ideal strategic place for a strong defence against Swedens enemies. The small marketplaces here developed into a village, and later on a castle was built right next to it.

In the 13:th century the village was of great national importance. In 1278 Jönköping got its town charter from Magnus Ladulås, and Jönköping became the administrative centre in Sweden. Jönköping of today is the seat of provincial government and administrative centre of the region, and can offer a wide range of culture and entertainment.


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