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Attractions in Amsterdam
The Canals

AmsterdamThese are the famous Amsterdam canals lined with beautiful town houses. If this is your first trip to Amsterdam, make it a top priority to take one of the daytime canalboat trips when you first get there. Some are large and seat maybe 50 people, others are smaller and take maybe 10 or 12, but they are an excellent overview of Amsterdam and it's history.

The Leidesplein
The Leidesplein, Amsterdam’s vivacious epicenter comes to life as soon as darkness descends the city. It has an abundance of street performers to keep you entertained whilst you drink on the terraces of the local bars. The Museumplein houses all the museums, the oldest and biggest one being the Rijksmuseum. Also on the Museumplein is the famous Van Gogh Museum, which houses the Sunflower paintings. Walletjes, commonly known as the Red Light district is one of the reasons why Amsterdam is famous the whole world over and is a must see, but beware no cameras are allowed.

On the Dam Square in the geographic center of Amsterdam is the Koninklijk Paleis (The Royal Palace), only inhabited by Royalty a few times a year but with amazing architecture and inside décor, which is open to the public. The city is well known for its markets which include the Flower Market as well as the Flea Market, the latter selling everything from bikes retrieved from the canals to clothes by the kilo!

The area of the Jordaan is Amsterdam’s capital of Bohemia, along winding streets and run down buildings artists have opened stalls and restaurants have begun to spring up. TheVondel Park situated to the south of the city offers another relaxing alternative.


Amsterdam's awesome museum of art is the permanent home of around 7 million works, including 5000 paintings in over 250 rooms. As well as featuring a number of high profile masterpieces from international artists, the museum boasts a fantastic display of paintings from many Dutch artists, including several outstanding contributions from Rembrandt, including The Night Watch.

Van Gogh Museum

The life and work of Amsterdam's most famous artist is celebrated in this incredible space. The Museum has an unrivaled collection of Van Gogh's paintings and plays host to a variety of exhibitions throughout the year.

Anne Frank's House

One of the central attractions most popular in Amsterdam is the Anne Frankhuis which is a truly moving experience! But beware, as queues can be extremely long in high season. This is the house in which Anne Frank wrote her famous diary, recording her experiences as a member of a Jewish family during the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam in World War II.

Rembrandt House

The house was lived in by Rembrandt for over 20 years and now contains engravings made by this famous artist.

Bloemenmarkt - Floating flower market

Heineken Brouirer is found in north central Amsterdam, you can get to it on the number five, thirteen or twenty five tram from Centraal Station.
It is very easy to spot as it has the Heineken logo on the outside of the building.


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