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Aix En Provence Travel Guide
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Aix En Provence hotels Aix En Provence hotels
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Place de la Rotonde

Erected in 1860 at the entrance of the present Cours Mirabeau, this fountain is one of the distinctive features of this spa town. At nightfall, this square is beautifully lit and allows both visitors and locals to enjoy its peace and beauty.

Sparkling throughout the centuries

Coveted for its privileged position between Spain and Italy, Aix, city of water, has continued to sparkle throughout the centuries, maintaining both its elegant way of life and cultural treasures, untouched by conflicts and the large-scale industrialisation that threatened it. Spa town, University town, cultural town, judicial and economic centre, all of these labels fit Aix-en-Provence today.

Hotels in Aix En Provence

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Aix en Provence
Aix en Provence
Aix en Provence
Aix en Provence

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