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Tenerife attractions and sights to see

The climate is precisely a reason for visiting Tenerife at any time of the year; it is always spring, with an annual average of 23 degrees centigrade and minimal variations between maximum and minimum. Within the context of these mild conditions, the island has a surprising variety of microclimates for every taste, within a small distance of each other. The south is drier and warmer, with longer periods of sunshine; the north is more humid and its climate even milder.

La Laguna, the island´s second most important city, at some 550 metres above sea level, has noticeably lower temperatures. Then there is Teide whiches reaches a height of 3,718 metres and as one goes up towards it, can encounter high-mountain conditions. It is therefore advisable to pack an item of warm clothing when visiting Tenerife.

The island of Tenerife is made up of thirty one municipalities. The growth of the tourist centres and cities has gradually transformed the landscape, but without hiding the charm of the island and its inhabitants. Tourism leaves its mark in the tourist enclaves along the coast, with a more traditional atmosphere in the north and a more cosmopolitan air in the south, but all with modern amenities and a broad range of leisure products available.

Isla Baja offers active tourism in the countryside, with small, residential accommodations blended into the surroundings and villages full of charm and tradition. The area is made up of the towns of Buenavista del Norte, Garachico, Los Silos and El Tanque.

The Orotava Valley, without a doubt, the garden of Mount Teide, is equally as charming as Puerto de la Cruz, the monuments of La Orotava and the amazing natural wealth of Los Realejos. The are all sorts of activities, on land and sea.

Santiago del Teide is the ideal spot for forgetting all about time and enjoying the sun and sea in peaceful surroundings with incredible landscapes. You can also indulge in activities like diving, sailing or hiking.

The area of Bajamar- Punta del Hidalgo offers visitors a peaceful and healthy stay, in a welcoming setting; a coastal town of great natural beauty and fine traditional cooking.

Santa Cruz-La Laguna is ideal for short breaks, cultural activities and shopping, in two cities designed for strolling around to absorb island character and excellent restaurants.

The South is well known for its magnificent beaches, all year round sunshine and top quality hotels. This zone too, offers all kinds of outdoor activities, on both land and sea: sailing, diving, surfing, golf, hiking, etc.

Along with the archaeological sites of its Guanche past, the island conserves its own important historical-artistic heritage. Traditional and popular architectural styles can be seen in the homes, farms and places of worship. The most typical elements of Canary Island style include the balcony, enhancing the façade and highlighting inner courtyards. The historic centres of La Laguna, former capital of the island, La Orotava, Garachico, Puerto de la Cruz and Icod de los Vinos are well worth a visit, whereas interesting hamlets can be found all over the Anaga and Teno massifs and the foothills of the south. The high number of species of flora and fauna make the natural environment of Tenerife surprising, but there is also an enormous diversity of landscapes. 43 of the sites of natural interest on the island are protected natural areas, the best of which are the Teide National Park, surrounded by the Corona Forestal Nature Park, and the Anaga and Teno Rural Parks. Over 40% of the surface area of the island is protected in one way or another.

One of the greatest attractions of el Puerto is without doubt the Lago Martianez. This series of seawater pools conceived by the Canary artist Cesar Manrique forms an extraordinary spot for bathing and resting in the sun. Harmonising his architecture with the exotic vegetation of the volcanic coast Cesar Manrique created his most beautiful project. Besides the Lago, Puerto de la Cruz has small beaches of volcanic sand, the best ones being Playa Jardin and Martianez. On the outskirts of the city the botanical gardens and the Loro Park are a must for the nature lover. The botanical gardens founded in 1788 harbour an enormous number of trees and plants from every corner of the planet thanks to the bening climate of Tenerife. Loro Park is another tropical garden with the largest collection of parrots in the world, a parrot show and an excellent dolphinarium.

It is easy to enjoy yourself in Tenerife, both by day and by night and whatever your age. The range of activities covers scientific and natural interests. Bob-diving, quad-biking, camel riding... you may not have enough time to fit it all into one holiday.

For those who like a more leisurely holiday, all the hotels and most self-catering complexes have pools to lounge around. Many of the villas actually have their own private pools. There are beaches galore though many are natural pebble or silky, black volcanic sand.

The nights of Tenerife are especially pleasant, thanks to the mild climate. You can try your luck in a casino or just enjoy one of the many restaurants, night clubs with international shows, discotheques or pubs with live music. . Whether you are planning a romantic getaway with your one-and-only, a golfing break with the boys or a family holiday with kids in tow, Tenerife does have something for everyone.

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