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A popular meeting place

Running from Kongens Nytorv, a picturesque canal filled with moored sailing boats, runs down to the main harbour.

It's a popular meeting place, and perfect for enjoying a drink in one of the many open air cafes, restaurants and bars. As soon as the sun is out in early spring, the Danes move the chairs and tables outside and from the first summer day the key is crowded with people. Seated in chairs or simply sitting on the wharf, this is where the Danes meet for a quick beer or for the whole lazy afternoon.

Join them and later perhaps embark on one of the Canal Tour boats which run from the Nytorv end of the harbour from late April to mid September.

It's still possible to get a sense of Copenhagen's historical links with the sea when you visit Nyhavn. The harbour itself is old, the canal was originally built in 1673, with the first salt water filling it's dock on October 19th. It soon established itself, as the place where returning sailors indulged themselves in the numerous bars, brothels and tattoo parlours which populated the area. For over three hundred years the area had a distinctly seedy reputation and it wasn't until the late seventies that the current new look got underway.

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